-- About us

-- About us --

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  • Road to the Castle:
    Meli & Kanela!(Honey & Cinnamon) The old house (from 1900) is well preserved and belongs to Kioulafis family, which strive to maintain unchanged the glory and the brilliance of the building. Today has turned into a wonderful Cafe, Bar and Deli,

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  • Agia Anna Beach:
    Eleven years ago we created the Palatia Cafe-Bar-Restaurant, a special spot located right on the port of Agia Anna Beach. ‘From sunset to sunrise in style‘ was the motto and we have been blessed with making many new friends there since. The location is elemental; the wind,sun and the sea form a backdrop that is unique all over the world.

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  • Under Apollo's Temple:
    Two year now we present a new addition to Naxos fabulous summer with Palatia Island Under The Apollo's Temple Wich is the most Famous monument of Naxos town. We have known and loved this area for more than a decade, it has been much of our ‘inspiration‘ in many endeavors.The View it's our favorite in all of Naxos ! Here we created a Cafe, Bar and Seafood Restaurant,offers you a unique view on the Naxos Town, next to the sea. the sun and the sea are creating an unforgettable scene. Whether you wish lunch, romantic dinner, business or a family meal, our hospitality will be worthy to remember. Renovated space with Cycladic decoration, pick up the disposal and the flavours unique Naxian - Cycladics, that can you combine with a selected list of wines or one special cocktail.. For desserts, nuts cake with ice-cream and sweet orange is a mastepiece of taste!

    Sincerely yours,

    Palatia Island
    Cafe, Bar and Ouzeri

    Menu creation by:George and Ilias Kioulafis